Meals And Nutrition

Meals And Nutrition
Breakfast is served between 8.0am - 8.30am
The children have a choice of toast, yogurt, crumpets and cereal.
In the bunnies and hedgehog room the children have snack time within there group.
In the squirrels room they have a snack bar where the children can independently have a snack during free play. 
All the rooms have a variety of snacks they have fruit, popcorn, toast, crackers, carrots, yogurt we provide the children with nutritious snacks. 
All rooms have milk and water. 
Lunch is served between 12.00pm - 12.45pm 
The children have a two course homemade hot meal and dessert.
Tea is served between 5.00pm-5.45pm
Monday to Thursday the children have a two course homemade hot meal and dessert
Fridays they have a cold tea which consists of chicken and sweetcorn slice, pasties, selection of sandwiches.
Our lunch and tea is provided by Slice of Pie food which they deliver at lunch time and tea time 

We have an allergy/intolerance list in all the rooms all the children and staff who have an allergy/intolerance are on the lists, please inform one of the little learners team if your child has an allergy or intolerance.
We are a nut free zone. 
You can download a sample menu here

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