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Welcome to the Bunnies!
Welcome to our Bunnies room our bunnies are the youngest children within little learners and where there journey begins, our bunnies are aged between three months to two years, the bunnies area consists of three rooms, our play room, make and do room and quite room. The play room and make and do room is open planned it is set out in different areas in line with the early years foundation stages, this includes texture play, role play and arts and craft. within this area we have an area for non walking children, we have designed the room to be able to adapt it to suit the needs of each individual child. Our quite room has been designed for your child to sleep and relax, within the quite room we also have area for children to read books and have sensory play which we adapt through the day to suit the needs of each child.

Bunnies daily routine:
* Greeting time: Greeting time we sing a welcome song where the children can interact with there peers and teachers this is done at the beginning of each session
* Small group time: During small group time your child's key-worker will plan activities to each child's individual needs and next steps in line with the early years foundation stages this is then uploaded to your child's learning journal.
* Choice time: Choice time is where your child has free flow and are able to play within the rooms, they are able to explore all areas within the bunnies area.
* Snack time: Snack time is where your child sits with their friends and are provided with a nutritious snack.
* Outside time: Outside time is where your child will go into the garden or out in the community to the park.
* Large group time: Large group time is where your child shares singing, stories with all the bunnies as one large group. 

Your child will have their own key worker, your child's key worker will plan activities for small group time, your child's key worker will do regular assessments and plan for each individual child's needs and steps in line with the early years foundation stages, this is uploaded to your child's learning journal in parent zone.

Parent zone:
Parent zone is a online system which we use for your child's learning journals we will upload photos of your child doing activities and your child's artwork, you will have your own log in that is password protected to each individual child. We also use parent zone to upload what your child has been doing at Little Learners this will include daily activities, food, sleep and nappies.

Within our bunnies we have nine children with three practitioners.

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